[typo] Typo 4.0.1

Andy Ciordia andy at ciordia.info
Thu Aug 10 07:32:10 EDT 2006

On Aug 10, 2006, at 3:40 AM, Scott Laird wrote:

> Typo 4.0.1 is out.  This is a bugfix release, with a number of bugs
> fixed since 4.0.0.  This should be used with Rails 1.1.5, as earlier
> releases have critical security issues.
> See either
>   * http://scottstuff.net/blog/articles/2006/08/10/typo-4-0-1
>   * http://www.typosphere.org/trac/wiki/DownloadStable
> for more details, including install/upgrade directions.

Hey Scott, after upgrading and migrating the db through the admin-ui  
this is seen in my main content body:

Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'contents.comments_count' in 'field  
list': SELECT contents.`id` AS t0_r0, contents.`title` AS t0_r1,  
contents.`author` AS t0_r2, contents.`body` AS t0_r3,  
contents.`body_html` AS t0_r4, contents.`extended` AS t0_r5,  
contents.`excerpt` AS t0_r6, contents.`keywords` AS t0_r7,  
contents.`created_at` AS t0_r8, contents.`updated_at` AS t0_r9,  
contents.`extended_html` AS t0_r10, contents.`user_id` AS t0_r11,  
contents.`permalink` AS t0_r12, contents.`guid` AS t0_r13,  
contents.`text_filter_id` AS t0_r14, contents.`whiteboard` AS t0_r15,  
contents.`comments_count` AS t0_r16, contents.`trackbacks_count` AS  
t0_r17, contents.`type` AS t0_r18, contents.`article_id` AS t0_r19,  
contents.`email` AS t0_r20, contents.`url` AS t0_r21, contents.`ip`  
AS t0_r22, contents.`blog_name` AS t0_r23, contents.`name` AS t0_r24,  
contents.`published` AS t0_r25, contents.`allow_pings` AS t0_r26,  
contents.`allow_comments` AS t0_r27, contents.`blog_id` AS t0_r28,  
contents.`published_at` AS t0_r29, contents.`state` AS t0_r30,  
categories.`id` AS t1_r0, categories.`name` AS t1_r1,  
categories.`position` AS t1_r2, categories.`permalink` AS t1_r3,  
tags.`id` AS t2_r0, tags.`name` AS t2_r1, tags.`created_at` AS t2_r2,  
tags.`updated_at` AS t2_r3, tags.`display_name` AS t2_r4, users.`id`  
AS t3_r0, users.`login` AS t3_r1, users.`password` AS t3_r2,  
users.`email` AS t3_r3, users.`name` AS t3_r4,  
users.`notify_via_email` AS t3_r5, users.`notify_on_new_articles` AS  
t3_r6, users.`notify_on_comments` AS t3_r7,  
users.`notify_watch_my_articles` AS t3_r8, users.`notify_via_jabber`  
AS t3_r9, users.`jabber` AS t3_r10, blogs.`id` AS t4_r0,  
blogs.`settings` AS t4_r1 FROM contents LEFT OUTER JOIN  
articles_categories ON articles_categories.article_id = contents.id  
LEFT OUTER JOIN categories ON categories.id =  
articles_categories.category_id LEFT OUTER JOIN articles_tags ON  
articles_tags.article_id = contents.id LEFT OUTER JOIN tags ON  
tags.id = articles_tags.tag_id LEFT OUTER JOIN users ON users.id =  
contents.user_id LEFT OUTER JOIN blogs ON blogs.id = contents.blog_id  
WHERE (published = 1 AND contents.published_at < '2006-08-10  
07:32:55' AND blog_id = 1) AND ( (contents.`type` = 'Article' ) ) AND  
contents.id IN ('364', '363', '357', '354', '342', '296', '272')  
ORDER BY contents.published_at DESC

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