[typo] Problem with permalink URLs on latest trunk (1193)

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Aug 7 11:47:47 EDT 2006

I've been on vacation a week, and I haven't had a chance to look over
the change logs yet, but what happens if you go to the admin settings
and strip the trailing '/' off of the 'cannonical server url' field?


On 8/7/06, Jason Burks <jburks725 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm having a problem with permalinks on the latest trunk (r1193) that
> I need help tracking down.  I'm pretty sure I know what's going on, I
> just don't know how to fix it.
> The URL for my blog is www.jasonburks.com.  That displays as
> http://www.jasonburks.com/ when you visit the site.  The problem is
> that, on the latest trunk, it now gives permalink URLs for articles
> and such as http://www.jasonburks.com//articles/...  If I click on the
> permalink (http://www.jasonburks.com//articles/2006/08/04/off-to-maine
> for example) I get a page not found error, as expected.  If I manually
> edit that URL to remove one of the two slashes before articles, then
> the page loads fine and all of the permalink URLs (for comments,
> trackbacks, etc) are written correctly with a single slash.  Looking
> at the HTML source, they're being written using just a path, with no
> protocol or host (i.e. path-only set to true).
> The categories and tags permalinks still work because the code to
> build those URLs (in the articles helper code) seems to use the
> path-only = true as well.  I have not found the anologous code for
> generating the articles permalinks.  There are so levels of
> abstraction in the article permalink code that I simply have not found
> where they're actually built.  Can someone help with this situation?
> I don't remember seeing this situation with svn trunk from a week or
> so ago, so this is a relatively new problem.  Sorry for the confusing
> explanation...I've been staring a Rails spaghetti for an hour and am
> having trouble stringing together full sentences.  ;-)
> Thanks,
> Jason Burks
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