[typo] Atom exporting

Alastair Rankine arsptr at internode.on.net
Mon Aug 7 07:56:21 EDT 2006

On 06/08/2006, at 4:24 PM, Kevin Ballard wrote:

> Actually, we have atom exporting already (I assume by exporting you  
> mean
> a feed).

Actually, I meant more than just a feed.

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it a lot easier to put my  
data somewhere that I know I will be able to get it out again. This  
applies especially for web applications hosted by third-parties,  
where export facilities are a must before I'll even look at it, but I  
believe it is generally a good practice. The ability to export is  
something that is missing from Typo. You can get your data out again,  
but it's in the database schema du jour.

Hence the motivation for an export facility for Typo. This is an  
escape hatch, if you will, for migration to an unspecified future  
blogging platform.

At present there is no common interchange format for blog content.  
The closest we get is Atom, and I'm not even sure whether that is  
entirely suitable for representing all of the interesting content of  
a blog. Anyway I think it's worth having a crack at it.

Unlike the current Atom feed, the Atom export facility would:
a) include a complete archive, that is all of the articles, pages,  
comments, trackbacks, etc in the blog
b) use the 'raw' formatting (eg markdown) instead of HTML
c) probably ignore attachments (unless someone has a better idea?)

On Scott's blog I mentioned the possibility that this could be  
expanded to fill the role of a backup/restore format, and he was  
fairly sure he wanted these to be completely separate. Which seems  

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