[typo] Version Controling Modifications

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Wed Aug 2 16:43:33 EDT 2006

Josh Knowles wrote:
> When running off Typo-Trunk what is the recommended way to store 
> modifications to core or theme within SVN?  Normally one would use 
> SVN:Externals to link in some external libraries, such as vendor/rails, 
> but how are people managing to run off trunk, and version control their 
> bug-fixes, theme changes, etc?

There are two ways to do this.

1.  You can use vendor branches in subversion.  More info from the svn 
book: http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ch07s05.html

2.  Look at using svk <http://svk.elixus.org/>.  This will let you take 
a copy of the typo trunk and carry on checking in your own changes as 
well.  You'll still be able to separate out the two.

I've just switched from vendor branches to svk and I really recommend it 
<http://happygiraffe.net/blog/archives/2006/07/30/typo-4-0ish>.  svk can 
be a pain to install, as it has a lot of dependencies, but if you're on 
Debian or FreeBSD, it's prepackaged anyway.  But I did have real 
troubles maintaining a vendor branch using svn.


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