[typo] How do I use content notification and feedback tab?

Paul Barry mail at paulbarry.com
Wed Aug 2 10:57:35 EDT 2006

In the announcement for typo 4 here:

Tow of the new features mentioned are:

1.  Email and/or Jabber notification of new content, including comments and

2.  Improved spam management. There's a "Feedback" tab in the admin
interface that lists all comments and trackbacks so they can be
bulk-deleted. In addition, Typo can now use Akismet
<http://www.akismet.com/>for spam filtering.

I have upgraded to typo 4.0.  I don't see a feedback table and when someone
makes a comment, I don't receive an email even when I have my email address
filed in to the field "Email address to use in From: field when Typo sends
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