[typo] Typo's memory footprint

mathew meta at pobox.com
Tue Aug 1 12:45:38 EDT 2006

Eric Sendelbach wrote:
> I am hosting my blog on Textdrive and they have a 48 meg limit on
> process usage. After that it just gets whacked. On a fresh restart
> with Typo 4.0.0 its SIZE is 36016K and its RES is 33452K.

I'm seeing size = 51592 and vsize = 63856 for each dispatch.cgi process 
using lighttpd and fastcgi, so consider yourself lucky :-)

I actually had to move up to a higher level of hosting in order to keep 
running typo, costing me significant cash. To make up for it, I'm now 
running tracks on the same hosting, and I hope to run a wiki too as soon 
as I can find or build one I consider suitable. (I'm not wild about 


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