[typo] More medium/long term Typo goals

Alastair Rankine arsptr at internode.on.net
Tue Aug 1 08:13:37 EDT 2006

On 01/08/2006, at 7:07 PM, Piers Cawley wrote:

> * Finish working through the implications of the new state machine
>   based content 'state'. Essentially, 'published?', 'spam?' and a few

This looks great, but I would like to see this reflected in the admin  
interface. Particularly with spam - Wordpress' Akismet plugin does a  
great job of not only filtering out the spam but holding it in limbo  
in case of false positives. Typo does this but it's a bit  
counterintuitive from an administration perspective - they're not  
marked as presumed spam, merely unpublished. It took me a while to  
realise that real comments were being published and that spam was  
being held.

Also it seems that you (blog admin) need to go and remove unpublished  
(ie spam) comments periodically. They seem to appear on the articles  
otherwise. Or am I doing something wrong?

> * Investigate other blogging engines' plugin architectures. See if
>   we're missing any capabilities and what we'd need to do to import
>   any useful stuff into Typo.

As a recent wordpress convert, I have some experience with that  
blogging engines' plugin architecture. And I have to say that while  
it does encourage a large ecosystem of plugins, it also required a  
lot of work in putting the extensibility points into the base. From  
my experience, many plugins (still) require manual tweaking of themes  
and/or the wordpress base to make work right.

Not all is well with the wordpress plugin architecture, is the lesson  
to be learned from posts such as this one: http:// 

> Hmm... that'll probably do for now. Did I miss anything?

Some other suggestions:

  * Ability to configure multi-column sidebars
  * A wordpress-like "dashboard" of recent comments, incoming links,  
stats (number of articles, comments, etc)
  * Ability to specify a license on a per-page or per-article basis  
(with a blog-wide default obviously) which would generate the right  
HTML and RDF for easy inclusion in themes. I'm thinking specifically  
of making it easy to add a creative commons license to a blog.

I for one am happy to see lots of action on Typo lately. And I hope  
to be able to contribute something back. Part of the reason for  
converting to Typo was to get up to speed on rails.
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