[typo] Timezones

Syed Uzair Aqeel uzair at nairang.org
Sat Apr 22 12:42:14 EDT 2006

Ahem, I hope you don't get elected any time soon then. I regularly shuttle
between 4 timezones, and UTC would have me perpetually confused :)

> OK, that's not good. So, what if you use the preference to adjust the
> time on the form, but then store the adjusted time, in the user's time
> zone at the time of the posting? Time on form looks right, time on web
> page looks right, even if you change hosts or move. End of problem yes?
> Well, sorta. When you move the time stamps remain the same, but all
> you've really done is hide the problem--now there's a discontinuity in
> what they *mean*. The web site will be showing dates and times in time
> zone A before your move date, and in time zone B after your move date.
> Depending on how often you move, this could get very confusing.

I don't think I've fully understood what you meant with the 'discontinuity
in what they mean' bit, but I think this would be a generally acceptable
scheme. If I'm not in my regular timezone, I certainly don't want the
displayed timestamps for all my old posts to be recomputed in terms of my
current timezone. I just want the next post to have the right timestamp with
respect to where I am right now. Perhaps you can explain what you meant?

As a compromise, how about storing time in UTC and the offset in use when
the entry was posted? Or, more acceptable, the timezone code, eg.

Also, an aside: one could use Date.GetTimezoneOffset() to figure out which
timezone the user is writing from. I wouldn't be in favour of this myself,
since it wouldn't be transparent.



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