[typo] trying to access Admin/pages -> Application Error (rails)

phil phil at cryer.us
Fri Apr 21 14:49:32 EDT 2006

I have a user whose site works perfectly, save for when he tries to edit Pages within the Admin section, where he gets the "Application Error (rails)" error.  production.log doesn't show any errors, nor does Apache.  I've done rm -rf public/* to have it regen, but same issue.  He's running SVN from a few weeks back, updating to the latest doesn't fix it either (did this on a clone of the DB -- so he's still running on the older code now).  Where can I look to fix this?  Or how can I turn on 'debug' to see what's breaking?

Also I have my typo site running next to it (different code/port) on the same box and it doesn't have any issues currently.


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