[typo] Typo as a Google Summer of Code project?

Tyler Prete psyonic at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 14:09:00 EDT 2006

I'm not exactly sure who the best person to send this idea to would be, so I
am just sending it to this list.  My apologies if it does not belong on
here.  Google just announced their 2006 Summer of Code, and they are looking
for mentor organizations.  I am going to apply, and I would really love to
work on something Ruby-related, such as Typo, and I'm sure there are other
people with the same attitude.  I am not exactly sure of the rules for
organizations, but I think it would at least be worth looking into.

Here is the link to the Mentor FAQ:

--Tyler Prete

P.S.  I see that as of today, Ruby Central has registered as an
organization, and is looking for ideas and mentors.  I'm not sure if Typo
could/would want to go through them but it is an idea.
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