[typo] HTML structure

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 07:37:02 EDT 2006

On 15 Apr 2006, at 12:18, Peter Donald wrote:
> As far as I can tell that is just an unordered list of pointers to
> themes that no longer work. I guess I was talking about a subversion
> repo that contained a set of themes that are maintained in concert
> with typo development. Each theme would list which version(s) of typo
> it is compatible with and that way when you wanted a theme that worked
> you could look at this repo. Something like typogarden may work when
> the theme API is stable but until now it is just going to frustrate
> people when they try and use it IMHO.

I think there's going to be/is work going on to sort out those  
themes.  It's very much needed as all those themes will be broken  
with Typo 4.0.  But it might be a suggestion you could put to those  
behind Typogarden.  It's a good point about a svn repository, but I  
can just imagine the 'discussion' over which themes would be  
included :) Especially as there were a few noses out of joint after  
the competition result.

In an ideal world designers would be altering their themes to keep  
pace, but to be honest Typo can change so rapidly that it would be a  
bit of a chore.  Azure keeps stable so I just watch for changes in that.


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