[typo] Theme URL layout

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 06:32:01 EDT 2006

On 15 Apr 2006, at 03:06, Trejkaz wrote:

> On Saturday 15 April 2006 00:35, Gary Shewan wrote:
> No it's not.  Copying is a hassle.  As soon as Azure updates  
> something, I
> would have to figure out what changed and merge those changes in.
> However, if all I did was include Azure and then change the fonts,  
> any changes
> to other things would follow through.

But like I said Terjkaz, people aren't going to structure themes just  
to save you hassle ... they'd be very, very nice people if they did  
but designers tend to be ... 'protective' of their work (only right  
as well).  Nobody is going to put in the extra work required just to  
save somebody else hassle.

It truly is easier in the long run to work out what's happening and  
make the changes yourself.  Painful and frustrating at times, but  
easier in the long run.


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