[typo] Typo-list Digest, Vol 13, Issue 19

Kevin Ballard kevin at sb.org
Fri Apr 14 22:19:10 EDT 2006

On Apr 14, 2006, at 12:07 PM, arvind s grover wrote:

> I use 2.6 and have been very happy with it. I am a little jealous of
> everyone using the trunk who gets the latest/greatest. Is it
> advisable to change my installation? If so, how would I go about it?
> I don't want to risk taking down my site and not being able to get it
> back up! I guess I would install it in another folder and than
> changed the pointer to that new pub folder once it was working. That
> seems right.

When I update my site I generally just trust it's not popular enough  
to matter ;)

That said, Capistrano (formerly Switchtower) is a tool that was  
designed specifically for modifying/updating sites cleanly. You might  
want to look into it.

> But are there tools to help with the article/db migration?

rake migrate

Note that under a production environment you want rake migrate  

That said, while trunk is cool and great, we're very close to a 4.0  
release, so you may want to hold off until that's ready.

Kevin Ballard
kevin at sb.org

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