[typo] Typo-list Digest, Vol 13, Issue 19

mathew meta at pobox.com
Fri Apr 14 16:08:38 EDT 2006

arvind s grover wrote:
> I use 2.6 and have been very happy with it. I am a little jealous of  
> everyone using the trunk who gets the latest/greatest. Is it  
> advisable to change my installation? If so, how would I go about it?  
> I don't want to risk taking down my site and not being able to get it  
> back up!

Well, my experience is that when my web host upgraded to Rails 1.1, typo 
2.6 broke. When I tried to upgrade to trunk, rake migrate didn't work. I 
spent most of an afternoon comparing database schemas and patching 
things up by typing raw SQL commands and quick Ruby scripts.

Judging from the number of times I've seen people report problems with 
migrate on this list since joining, I'm far from alone.

If I hadn't been forced to upgrade, I'd have waited for the next stable 
release. Hopefully someone plans to test a full 2.6.0 to wha.te.ver 
migration without going via trunk.


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