[typo] Theme URL layout

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Fri Apr 14 10:35:48 EDT 2006

On 14 Apr 2006, at 15:17, Trejkaz wrote:
> For instance, I might want to use Azure but replace the images and
> colours, or just change some fonts.  However, I don't necessarily
> want to edit the Azure theme myself because then new changes might
> not merge in as expected.  Normally, I would do this sort of thing by
> having my own theme's CSS include from the appropriate other theme's
> CSS.  However, the way the URL is currently laid out, there is no
> path to the stylesheets or images stored in the other themes.

It's seriously easier to just copy the Azure folder, rename it and  
hack it yourself.

> If themes then started to structure their stylesheets (which most
> should, but not many do), it would then be possible to use the layout
> of one theme, the colour scheme of a second theme, and fonts from a
> completely separate theme again, all without having to hack apart
> someone else's CSS files. :-)

There's no way a theme designer is going to put the extra effort in  
to restructure their CSS just so you can cherry pick from it.  I'm  
not a designer and I wouldn't.

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