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Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Fri Apr 14 10:17:46 EDT 2006

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I was doing some more theme development a while back.  It turned out  
that a new feature was added somewhere in the site HTML which the  
Azure theme had updated and of course mine hadn't yet, which made the  
site look extremely bad for a moment.

One thing that would be neat in themes is if we had some simple way  
to inherit from other themes.

For instance, I might want to use Azure but replace the images and  
colours, or just change some fonts.  However, I don't necessarily  
want to edit the Azure theme myself because then new changes might  
not merge in as expected.  Normally, I would do this sort of thing by  
having my own theme's CSS include from the appropriate other theme's  
CSS.  However, the way the URL is currently laid out, there is no  
path to the stylesheets or images stored in the other themes.

If themes then started to structure their stylesheets (which most  
should, but not many do), it would then be possible to use the layout  
of one theme, the colour scheme of a second theme, and fonts from a  
completely separate theme again, all without having to hack apart  
someone else's CSS files. :-)


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