[typo] Noob Typo Questions (uh oh!)

Terry Donaghe terry.donaghe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 15:59:12 EDT 2006

Hmmm... well, I'm using multiple "static" sidebar items to display lists and
chicklets... Is that a no no?  If so, how the heck do you do that then?

As for docs, thats kind of what i figured, but it didn't hurt to ask.  :)

On 4/11/06, mathew <meta at pobox.com> wrote:
> Terry Donaghe wrote:
> > First, where's the best place to look for typo documentation?
> Ah, the perennial question for most Ruby projects...
> > Third, is it common for the sidebar functionality to freak out
> > everytime you use it?
> I had some similar problems when I upgraded to trunk. It turned out I
> had some duplicate records in my database; I cleared the sidebars table
> and re-did my sidebars from scratch, and everything was OK after that.
> Not sure how the duplicates got there.
> mathew
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