[typo] Questions for a white paper involving a demo install of Typo

Leibowitz, Samuel J Samuel.Leibowitz at unisys.com
Tue Apr 11 14:19:47 EDT 2006


I've been asked to put together a white paper about Ruby on Rails.
Rather write yet another article with a simple proof-of-concept
application tutorial, I thought it might be more interesting to talk
about scaling issues.  With that in mind, my current plan is to set up
Typo in a multiple server environment, turn off caching, and start load
testing it to see how many FCGI listeners on each box gets the best
performance. The results would form the basis of the paper.

My hope is that an article specifically about how Rails apps get
deployed in high-volume, high-availability environments would be more
interesting than another round of "now let's do script/generate

I'd appreciate any feedback you might have to offer, both on whether or
not you'd find such a paper interesting, and on any particular
implementation issues that spring to mind.  Maybe it'll even be useful
if you happen to have a Typo-driven blog so popular that you need a
half-dozen dedicated servers just to run it. ;)

Many thanks for your time,

Sam Leibowitz <Samuel.Leibowitz at Unisys.com>
Comm Solution Development
phone: 610.648.3702 

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