[typo] Typo vs. Captcha.

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Mon Apr 10 19:35:30 EDT 2006

It sounds reasonable in principle, but one big problem is that a logof blog spam tries very hard to look just like normal comments, and Isuspect that Bayes will have a hard time deciding if a comment thatcontains nothing but the words "good job!" is spam or not.
On the other hand, 500-link drug-pushing monstrosities will be easy to spot :-).

On 4/10/06, Syed Uzair Aqeel <uzair at nairang.org> wrote:> While talking about http://www.lazyweb.org today, I mentioned that it might> be a good idea to port something like SpamBayes for blogs. One of the> responses I got was that Simon Cozens (a pretty prolific CPAN contributor)> started on a general-purpose spam engine based on the Mail::SpamAssassin> module:>> http://search.cpan.org/~simon/SpamMonkey-0.03/lib/SpamMonkey.pm>> Assuming the majority is opposed to Captcha, how does this sound?>> Uzair>> > -----Original Message-----> > From: typo-list-bounces at rubyforge.org [mailto:typo-list-> > bounces at rubyforge.org] On Behalf Of Piers Cawley> > Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2006 4:12 PM> > To: typo-list at rubyforge.org> > Subject: Re: [typo] Typo vs. Captcha.> >> > "George Razvan NICA" <george.nica at gmail.com> writes:> >> > > Hi all,> > >> > > I was thinking of a solution of limiting comment spam by the use of a> > > captcha. As far as I could see there is a nice tutorial for Captcha &> > > Rails over at> > >> > >     http://frankhale.org/CAPTCHA_RoR_Tutorial.html .> > >> > > Are there any plans of including such a thing into Typo?> >> > It'll be a cold day in hell before *I* implement a Captcha scheme in> > Typo, but I can't speak for the other maintainers.> >> > --> > Piers Cawley <pdcawley at bofh.org.uk>> > http://www.bofh.org.uk/> > _______________________________________________> > Typo-list mailing list> > Typo-list at rubyforge.org> > http://rubyforge.org/mailman/listinfo/typo-list>> _______________________________________________> Typo-list mailing list> Typo-list at rubyforge.org> http://rubyforge.org/mailman/listinfo/typo-list>

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