[typo] [Typo] broken tests when running rake?

Steve Longdo steve.longdo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 19:13:10 EDT 2006

When running rake against r1004 I am seeing a lot of failures against MySQL
and Ruby 1.8.4.  Is this the current state of things or should I not be
getting any errors?

207 tests, 197 assertions, 0 failures, 146 errors
rake aborted!
Test failures

Most of the errors seem to relate to the blog_id column an example:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'blog_id' in
'field list': INSERT INTO contents (`updated_at`, `body`, `guid`, `url`,
`author`, `type`, `id`, `blog_id`, `article_id`, `created_at`, `email`)
VALUES ('2004-05-02 20:00:02', 'Comment body _italic_ *bold*',
'b1i2n3g4o5t6i7v', 'www.google.com', 'John Bar', 'Comment', 15, 1, 14,
'2004-05-02 20:00:02', 'john.bar at google.com')
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