[typo] Passing info to sidebars

Victor Jalencas victor-typo at carotena.net
Mon Apr 10 18:04:31 EDT 2006

Hi all,

  this is a question for the sidebar experts. I'm interested in having 
access, from the sidebars, to information from the main controller. 
I.e., I'd like to write a couple of sidebars for the article controller, 
and its display action, that show the main page article's trackbacks, or 
  metadata, or comments count, or whatever. I could obtain the id from 
the request and do a search for it, but ideally I should be able to 
directly obtain the main controller's @article.

  Is there a way and I am missing something obvious, or should a 
mechanism be ideated to pass the @article from the main controller to 
the sidebars? I've tried using the flash object but doesn't work (or I'm 
not using it correctly).

  Any ideas? TIA


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