[typo] Apache 2.2 As Proxy to Typo Running in Lighttpd

Jeremy Torres jeremy.torres at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 12:37:27 EDT 2006


Typo Version: Latest from SVN Trunk, as of 4/8/06
Apache version 2.2
OS: Fedora Core 5

I have applications that need to run in Apache 2, such as subversion,
some PHP apps, etc.  I would like to run typo in Lighty and just have
Apache 2 proxy to typo using (http://mydomain.com/typo).  I've
searched the forums, Googled and tried a lot of different experiments,
but I can't get a successful proxy setup.

Has anyone go a similar setup working?

I saw the post hosting typo in a subdirectory, but I'm not running
fastcgi module within Apache.

Thanks in advance,


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