[typo] Strange problem

mathew meta at pobox.com
Fri Apr 7 12:14:56 EDT 2006

Scott Laird wrote:
> Yikes.  Which version of Typo and which DB?

PostgreSQL, trunk from a week or two ago, Rails 1.1. If you want me to 
be more precise, you'll need to tell me which file might have a useful 
version ID...  (It'd be a good idea to make the admin interface display 
that info, yes?)

>   Do you still have a copyof the comment, or do you have the backtrace in the logs that showswhat happened?

There was no backtrace in the logs.

The spambot in question visits me on a regular basis. It posts 
MIME-encoded crap, apparently thinking it'll get sent as e-mail or 
something. It always uses my domain as the e-mail address, which ought 
to make it really easy to block if blacklisting on anything other than 
IP address is possible.

Next time I get one I'll try and extract the data and forward it. This 
time I just did


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