[typo] With trunk, can no longer login as Admin [SOLVED]

Stephen Caudill scaudill at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 23:47:46 EDT 2006

It's not a Ruby thing, it's a Rails thing.  You'll have seen it if  
you watched any of the screencasts by DHH.  In case you haven't seen  
any of them, go here:


this one in particular (or its earlier incarnation) is the one that  
lit a fire under most folks asses to check out rails:


In a nutshell though, from the root of your application, run:


This will bring up an interactive shell session with your  
applications data and environment available.

- Stephen

On Apr 6, 2006, at 11:31 PM, Phil Cryer wrote:
> Thanks Dave - however you say 'use the console' - what do you mean  
> by this?  Is this ia Ruby thing?  If so I'd like to know more about  
> how to use it.  Again, thanks for pointing out a better way, I'm  
> always up for that.
> P

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