[typo] 'pings' table

Gary Shewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 05:38:58 EDT 2006

On 3 Apr 2006, at 01:02, Piers Cawley wrote:

> Gary Shewan <gpsnospam at gmail.com> writes:
>> What's the point of the 'pings' table?
>> It seems to just keep a record of every site I've linked to.  That
>> seems to be a bit of a weight to my db without much use.  I could see
>> that there _could_ be a use, but I don't particularly want to keep a
>> record of every time I've hit one of the ping servers.
>> Safe to empty it periodically in the same way that I empty the
>> 'sessions' table once in a while?
> It's used by the notification engine to avoid pinging anywhere twice
> for the same article. I'm afraid I'm not up on the workings of said
> notification system, but I would be wary of emptying it or you might
> find yourself incontinently pinging everywhere all over again when
> someone comments on an article.
> Yes. This needs to be fixed. No, it probably won't be fixed by 4.0
> Probably the first step will be to change the relationship from
> has_many/belongs_to to has_and_belongs_to_many or, more likely,
> has_many ... through ... and use the join table as a state object for
> publication state.

Hmmm, problem is I don't really need to keep a record that I pinged  
Technorati in October so some I'll probably do some pruning.

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