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Thu Sep 29 19:58:25 EDT 2005

It seems like I didn't grok SVK´before. They are having the same discussion
over at the rails mailing list and this seems really nice:

Jonas Bengtsson (jonas.b at home.se)

--- typo-list at rubyforge.org
> Thanks for the replies bradley and Justus!
> I've been thinking
and reading
> up on this for a while now. I'm not sure I like the svk solution
> since I want to use the hosted svn repository and I like the
subclipse plug-in
> in Eclipse.
> But wouldn't it work fine to use a
typo-import branch, and
> regularly merge it manually with the Typo trunk
(and then merge typo-import
> with my trunk using svn). I don't see what
the drawback of this approach would
> be, but I'm a svn newbie.
> Regards,

> Jonas Bengtsson (jonas.b at home.se)

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