[typo] Development set up

jonasb.16759522@bloglines.com jonasb.16759522 at bloglines.com
Thu Sep 29 16:37:06 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I have some problems knowing how to set up things when developing
my blog. I have Typo which I got from svn and then customized (both own theme
and changes to the existing code). I also have a TextDrive site where I'm
going to host the blog.

So how do I set up things for development? The
main problem I see is how to get changes from the Typo svn repository to mine
which contains my customized version of Typo. Is there any support in svn
(or subclipse) for this?

(This might be a svn question but since I guess
that many here are using roughly the same set up perhaps someone can guide
me. I know very little about svn at this point since I'm used using Perforce.)

Thanks in advance,
Jonas Bengtsson (jonas.b at home.se)

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