[typo] typo-2.5.5 user wondering about running off of SVN

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Wed Sep 28 18:58:11 EDT 2005

Chris Dagdigian wrote:
> Am I missing any new features or abilities that are in SVN but not in
> the 2.5.5 tarball?

Looking over the trac timeline[1] some of the things I see are text 
filters, tags, gravatar support, audioscrobbler sidebar, per-category 
and per-tag feeds, Atom 1.0, pinging sites (e.g. Technorati) on updates, 
turning off non-AJAX commenting (an anti-spam measure, I think), and others.

> Should I switch over to a SVN checkout?

Depends on whether you care about any of those things, I guess.  Typo's 
developers do a good job of not breaking SVN; I've never had any 
problems running off of it.


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