[typo] Adding Contact Form

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Wed Sep 28 11:33:15 EDT 2005

Denis Lamotte wrote:

>The method page_title is defined in the helper of article.
>Copy the definition in your helper will resolve the problem.
This is perfect, thanks. I also needed to reset the style, but now it's 
coming up fine. I'll try to look up some documentation for Mailer. And 
once it's working, I'll write up a blurb for others... might have to ask 
one or two more questions first, though.

>Typo is not simplest rails app to begin with if you want to learn rails.
Nevertheless, it's one written by people who know what they're doing, 
and it demonstrates the "right way" to use a lot of things that get 
tossed around ultra-basic tutorials. (partials and views, for instance)

As far as I can tell, the only mature Rails open-source apps out there 
are Instiki and Typo... not exactly a plethora of code for those of us 
that need to learn by example.

Perhaps there's a list somewhere that I missed. It sure would help to 
have more material which bridges the gap between "Hey check out 
scaffolding" and actually accomplishing something useful. (And doing it 
the way it would actually be done, not just the quickie-demo way...)



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