[typo] Adding Contact Form

Denis Lamotte dlamotte at bamboo.lu
Wed Sep 28 10:11:29 EDT 2005

The method page_title is defined in the helper of article.
Copy the definition in your helper will resolve the problem.

Typo is not simplest rails app to begin with if you want to learn rails.


Mike Purvis wrote:
> This may be more of a general Rails question, but hopefully it's 
> relevant to other novice Typo users.
> How can I make a contact form on my blog? I generated a Mailer, but I 
> really haven't a clue how to use it (the documentation boggles my mind).
> I also created a "Contact" controller (and added a corresponding 
> "index.rhtml" view):
> class ContactController < ApplicationController
>   layout :theme_layout
>   def index
>     @page_title = "Contact"
>     render :action => "index"
>   end
> end
> But I still get this kind of stuff going on:
> |undefined local variable or method `page_title' for 
> #<ActionView::Base:0x405a9944>
> So yeah, should be pretty obvious to folks that I don't know what I'm 
> doing at all. I know I could do this in about 10 seconds with the 
> "Pages" functionality and some PHP (sooo tempting), but I need to expose 
> myself to a little more Rails.
> Any help, or pointers to relevant source documentation would be appreciated.
> Mike
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