[typo] A matter of style

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Tue Sep 27 21:26:39 EDT 2005

> As another unsolicited opinion.. :)
> I have a big monitor.  Every programmer I know has a big monitor.  Even
> laptops have big screens and high resolutions.  I have been stuck with
> 80 columns since my VT-220 days.  I like everyone on one line.  If the
> line is so unbearably long that I can't stand to read it on a 17-18"
> monitor then I refactor the code.

As a basis for comparison, IntelliJ IDEA (which I use at work when forced
to code Java) defaults to a 120-line margin.  Granted, Java is a LOT more
verbose so it needs more space... even with that 120-line margin we still
have wrapping lines.

I guess there must still be some VT-220 users out there, to bother
restricting oneself down to 80. :-)


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