[typo] default .htaccess dispatch

akonsu akonsu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:36:37 EDT 2005

this is cool. thank you very much for your clarifications.


2005/9/26, Justus Pendleton <justus at ryoohki.net>:
> akonsu wrote:
> > the web server arbitrarily chooses an fcgi process to send a
> > request to when the request arrives.
> No, it doesn't.  (Or, at least, it doesn't have to.)  From the same
> document:
> "With session affinity you run a pool of application processes and the
> Web server routes requests to individual processes based on any
> information contained in the request. For instance, the server can route
> according to the area of content that's been requested, or according to
> the user. The user might be identified by an application-specific
> session identifier, by the user ID contained in an Open Market Secure
> Link ticket, by the Basic Authentication user name, or whatever. Each
> process maintains its own cache, and session affinity ensures that each
> incoming request has access to the cache that will speed up processing
> the most."
> FastCGI also provides multithreading if you want to share process memory
> that way.
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