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Mon Sep 26 16:27:04 EDT 2005


this is probably not very related, but i still would like to ask this.
it seems to me that cgi as well as fcgi approach to running anything
does not allow people to have in-memory sessions. only file-based
ones. unlike server-dependent API that can be used easily to implement
in-memory sessions. is this correct?

2005/9/26, William A. Carrel <william.a at carrel.org>:
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> On Sep 26, 2005, at 12:54 PM, Nicholas Van Weerdenburg wrote:
> > I get the impression everyone is doing Lighttpd + FastCGI. Textdrive
> > support actually told me that Apache + FastCGI wasn't recommended.
> Apache httpd + FastCGI works fine for me.
> Lighttpd has advantages in memory footprint, ease of configuration,
> and speed (but only 10-20% in the benchmarks I've seen).  Apache has
> advantages in module support (dav_svn and security have been
> mentioned) and configuration flexibility (.htaccess files and various
> additional knobs to adjust).
> The right choice for you depends on what you're doing and what your
> requirements are.  If you're just running typo and have no other
> demands lighttpd + fastcgi is probably your best choice right now.
> (Although people are saying good things about the SCGI interface that
> is under development which supports both lighttpd and Apache httpd...)
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