[typo] Unicode characters output from macros

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Mon Sep 19 20:53:49 EDT 2005

As you can probably tell, I've been playing around with macros a lot.

Something I just discovered... if my macro outputs characters in UTF-8
encoding, they don't get picked up properly.  I did some digging and it
seems that even if the HTML has UTF-8 specified both in a <meta> element
and in the <?xml?> declaration, if the HTTP specifies the encoding to be
something else, it's all for nought.

Presently, it seems that Typo sends almost all pages as encoding
ISO-8859-1.  Would it make sense to change this globally to UTF-8?  Is it
possible perhaps to do this using an Apache directive, so that Typo
doesn't have to add the feature?

Interestingly, when you create a page which has multi-byte characters in
it, those characters encode using XML entities.  This is probably a
problem in itself, as XML-encoding the characters results in around 8
bytes per character, whereas UTF-8 results in an average of 2-3.

Are either of these issues worth a ticket? :-)


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