[typo] Comment box hiding?

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Mon Sep 19 19:41:07 EDT 2005

Justus Pendleton wrote:

>At the risk of repeating myself..."That works for me."
>It displays "Comments are disabled" instead of the comment form.  That 
>done at the bottom of app/views/articles/read.rhtml:
><% if @article.allow_comments? -%>
>   <%= render :partial => 'comment_box' %>
><% else -%>
>   <p>Comments are disabled</p>
><% end -%>
Sorry, didn't quite make myself clear... That works okay, when the 
"allow_comments" flag is manually set. But as part of the spam-controls, 
I've also set it to reject comments on articles older than 30 days.

That's where the problem seems to be. (Although, as was suggested by 
Trejkaz, a javascript solution might be option... not a really great 
one, IMO)

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