[typo] Comment box hiding?

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Mon Sep 19 19:12:37 EDT 2005

Justus Pendleton wrote:

>That works for me.  I've made a few other small fixes to bluecloth 
>locally -- fixing the regexps for bold and italic -- but none of them 
>related to this.
Hmm... okay. Well, I'll grab the latest version at some point and hope 
that that fixes it.

Uh, second question: How would I make the comment form not show up when 
comments are no longer accepted? Right now it seems to just swallow them 
without any notice at all.

I assume that I just need to wrap an if-statement around most of 
app/views/articles/_comment_box.rhtml, but I'm not sure what it would 
be. I had a quick look in articles_controller to see what the code was 
producing the "swallowing" effect, but I couldn't seem to locate it.


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