[typo] typo on apache2 on win xp

akonsu akonsu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 17:13:42 EDT 2005

hello, was anyone able to run typo on fast cgi on apache 2 on windows xp?

my problems:

1. i have the latest ruby and rails. a rails application created from
scratch runs well with both apache 2 with fast-cgi and webrick.

2. i have the latest typo. typo runs well with webrick. although there
are some problems with mysql due to old/new password encoding feature
in mysql but this is not relevant.

3. if i set up an apache virtual host pointing to the typo folder,
accessing it times out. fast-cgi complains about non-existent
'for-each' or something like that (i can find out the right error
message if needed). when i try to navigate to my host, fast-cgi spawns
a ton of ruby.exe processes and then times out because it cannot
receive a response from rails dispatcher.

4. note that if i point my vhost to the rails application that i
created from scratch, it works well, and fast-cgi is happy.

5. so i copied my typo folders into the folders containing my test
rails application, except for config files. now apache can access typo
and fast-cgi does not time out, but typo reports error:

NameError in Articles#index
undefined local variable or method `config' for
/app/controllers/application.rb:33:in `reload_settings'

this is a nightmare...

i know that on unix it would be much simpler, but now this is just a
point of principle for me to make it run on windows with fast-cgi and

please help.

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