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Jonathan Younger jonathan at daikini.com
Thu Sep 8 16:33:17 EDT 2005


I'm the author of Photon. I too have caught the RoR bug and is  
ironically part of the reason why I don't have time to work on Photon  
much any more. :)

Unfortunately, there isn't any API standard for creating blog  
categories. Photon has to have a custom method implemented for each  
blogging system it wants to support. Basically it just does an HTTP  
form post mimicking the creation of a category via the same method  
the blog software creates categories. Really kind of a pain.

Not to stray too far from the topic but the APIs created for blogging  
software are pretty weak and minimal. Everyone seems concerned about  
doc format, i.e. RSS or Atom, but no one is answering the basic  
questions of having rich API for managing blog software.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why people want to use blog  
software for hosting photo galleries. Sure, it's possible but far  
from a elegant solution. Doug Bowman has done a great job of creating  
a photo gallery with Photon and MT but I'd personally like to see a  
much better system developed.

If time permits, I plan to develop a photo gallery in RoR that has a  
rich API for doing pretty much everything a photo gallery would need  
to do. Actually, to start with it will probably just be an API as my  
HTML/CSS interface design skills are severely lacking. Having some  
kind of interaction between Typo and this new gallery software would  
be fantastic.

I'll also be creating a new iPhoto plugin that is highly focused on  
the best possible interaction with this new gallery software.

Right now everything is pretty much just vaporware but hopefully that  
will change soon.


On Sep 8, 2005, at 7:45 AM, Paul McKellar wrote:

> so i've been playing with typo and the stopdesign guy's idea
> http://www.stopdesign.com/  of having photon export iphoto picture
> directly to typo via MT api.   but something seems to be dying when
> the plug creates a new catagory, (i want a new category based on the
> album title)  so that i can list categories and get albums lists (with
> image counts)  is anyone having trouble with the add category MT api?
> i can add categories from the website, and select them via the plug
> in.  just not from the plug in.
> - summery of the idea follows for those interested in the bigger  
> sense -
> and then i htink it should just be a matter of some css and views
> controllers tailoring to get a good looking photo album.
> new post for each image. categories are albums (or maybe keywords in
> iphoto but i don't like labels as much although that is a better
> match). makes for easy posting of lots of images (resizing and posting
> is already built, along with comments syncing between iphoto and blog
> as of posting time)
> thanks in advance
> Paul
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