[typo] multiblog, redirects

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Thu Sep 8 13:14:23 EDT 2005

Justus Pendleton wrote:

> My understanding is that multi-blog support requires fairly invasive 
> changes to, well, pretty much everything...

I realise this. It pretty much has to be in the design from the ground-up.

> How is this different from categories?  I don't think it would require 
> more than a few lines of code to allow permalinks in the style you 
> mention.  There is a patch on trac (#363) that adds some hooks to let 
> you do per-category formatting.  Hopefully that, or something similar, 
> will be committed eventually. 

Interesting. I've already played with routing a bit to give me more 
control over the locations of the static pages. 
("/pages/portfolio_index/" is accessible from "/portfolio/", and 
"/pages/porfolio_job1/" from "/portfolio/job1/")

It would be easy enough to categorize categories... tack an extra field 
"type" on there, and then have an alternative sidebar widget that can 
exclude categories of a particular type. I'll experiment with this 
implementation, thanks...


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