[typo] typo

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Thu Sep 8 12:09:33 EDT 2005

Mike Purvis wrote:
> In terms of having a separated gallery and blog, are you just
> installing two instances of Typo? I noticed (#343) is "Multi-blog
> support."

My understanding is that multi-blog support requires fairly invasive 
changes to, well, pretty much everything and there isn't much desire 
among actual contributors to make it happen as they personally have 
little use for it.

> For the uninitiated, Textpattern lets you break a site into sections, so 
> that permalinks look like "section/article" or "section/y/m/d/article". 
> This makes it super-easy to have multiple "blogs" for a gallery, 
> portfolio, about-pages, etc.

How is this different from categories?  I don't think it would require 
more than a few lines of code to allow permalinks in the style you 
mention.  There is a patch on trac (#363) that adds some hooks to let 
you do per-category formatting.  Hopefully that, or something similar, 
will be committed eventually.


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