[typo] typo

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Thu Sep 8 11:36:48 EDT 2005

Paul McKellar wrote:

>so i've been playing with typo and the stopdesign guy's idea
>http://www.stopdesign.com/  of having photon export iphoto picture
>directly to typo via MT api.
I'm very interested in this idea, but there isn't currently anything 
quite like Photon for Picasa. (Once I can afford it, I'll have a 

In terms of having a separated gallery and blog, are you just installing 
two instances of Typo? I noticed (#343) is "Multi-blog support." Will 
this be implemented in a way similar to the way Textpattern does 
"sections"? That would be an extremely powerful and welcome addition to 
the software.

For the uninitiated, Textpattern lets you break a site into sections, so 
that permalinks look like "section/article" or "section/y/m/d/article". 
This makes it super-easy to have multiple "blogs" for a gallery, 
portfolio, about-pages, etc.

I probably would be using Textpattern, except that I caught the 
Rails-bug, and TxP's database layout is a little bit ludicrous.


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