[typo] typo

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Thu Sep 8 11:36:03 EDT 2005

> We don't currently support any APIs for creating new categories.   It's 
> probably easy enough to add them, but I can't see a  'createCategory' or 
> similar API listed in either the MT or MetaWebLog  API docs.
> Can you tell us which API the Photon plugin is trying to use?  If you  
> could find an API description, that'd be great, but even name is  better 
> then nothing.

After quick glance at the Photon code it doesn't look like it is using 
any kind of API.  It knows about a couple of blog systems -- MT, 
TypePad, Photopia, Wordpress, and Blojsom -- and hand crafts a URL 
specific to that system to create a category.  It has a hardcoded method 
when dealing with MT to login and then create a URL of the form:


If my understanding is correct, Photon won't ever work with Typo unless 
Photon is changed.  (Or, I guess, Typo is changed to accept the above 
strange URL and do something useful with it.)

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