[typo] Another Frustrating Dreamhost/Rails/Typo experience

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Tue Sep 6 23:30:11 EDT 2005

Michael Purvis wrote:
> I'm glad to hear that it's a DH (and hopefully temporary) issue. I'd 
> been feeling awfully disappointed with Rails... what's the good of 
> kickass dev tools if they can't even keep themselves running?

A lot of people have little/no problem running typo.  Nearly all of the 
complaints I've seen on this list have revolved around Dreamhost.  I 
don't know if that means there is something wrong with DH or the people 
who use it :)

> Okay, here's a different question: Is it possible to configure Typo's 
> permalinks... at all? Ideally, I'd like them to mirror my current setup 
> (archive/slug)... I'm cool with setting up a redirect, but it's that 
> much smoother if it can just handle it.

You can configure typo's permalinks to a certain extent via routes.rb. 
Not sure if there are other ways to do it.  I think you're probably 
better off having your webserver give permanent redirects, though.

> Also, do the "pages" have to be at /pages/mypage, or can they be 
> configured to be at /mypage? Is that even possible under rails, or do 
> need to have the name of the controller there in the URL?

You can change it in config/routes.rb.  Look for the line:
  map.connect 'pages/*name',:controller => 'articles', :action => 

and change it from pages to mypages or whatever you prefer.  The name of 
the controller in this instance is actually "articles".  If you ever 
update your typo install this change'll probably get overwritten.


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