[typo] Another Frustrating Dreamhost/Rails/Typo experience

Michael Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Tue Sep 6 22:18:10 EDT 2005

I'm glad to hear that it's a DH (and hopefully temporary) issue. I'd 
been feeling awfully disappointed with Rails... what's the good of 
kickass dev tools if they can't even keep themselves running?

I had actually switched it to production last night, and it seems to 
have been mostly up today. Frequently very slow, but at least up. 
Originally I had been using the DH Rails, and then I saw the 
fcgi_handler suggestion, so I went ahead and installed my own ruby and 
rails and the modified handler. It didn't seem to make a lot of 
difference, so I think I'm back running on the DH Rails now, but yeah, I 
did try that.

Okay, here's a different question: Is it possible to configure Typo's 
permalinks... at all? Ideally, I'd like them to mirror my current setup 
(archive/slug)... I'm cool with setting up a redirect, but it's that 
much smoother if it can just handle it.

Also, do the "pages" have to be at /pages/mypage, or can they be 
configured to be at /mypage? Is that even possible under rails, or do 
need to have the name of the controller there in the URL?

Thanks for all the help,


Scott Hughes (List) wrote:

> Mike,
> After I forced my RAILS_ENV to 'production' in config/environment.rb  
> and I downloaded the latest rails fcgi_handler.rb (and installed in  
> my typo/lib folder), I noticed a drastic improvement and much fewer  
> lockups.  They do still occur occasionally, but much less so than  
> when I started using Typo.
> I tried playing with a new rails app of my own today, and I had the  
> most frustrating experience you can imagine with Dreamhost.  I  
> couldn't keep the app running and it kept kicking me out of shell  
> access.  If you check the forums, you'll see we are not alone.   
> Apparently, Dreamhost is currently migrating all of their shared  
> hosts to the latest debian, but I don't think it's running according  
> to plan.  Lots of users are complaining of frequent mysql/shell/ftp/ 
> web dropouts.
> As an aside, I wonder if Typo is tested in such a harsh environment  
> to see how well it handles it?  Could be that rails itself  
> (ActiveRecord) doesn't play well with disappearing mysql servers  
> (i.e. no chance to retry).
> So, try those first two suggestions and, if they don't get you at  
> least to a 'mostly' usable point, you'll have to wait until Dreamhost  
> is done beating up our shared hosts...
> Scott Hughes
> http://blog.globalreset.org/
> On Sep 6, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Mike Purvis wrote:
>> Greetings List,
>> I'm new to Rails and Ruby, but a reasonably experienced PHP/MySQL  
>> hacker. I seem to be have some problems similar to those discussed  
>> here a few weeks ago.
>> My Typo installation (http://mikepurvis.com) works when set to  
>> dispatch.cgi, but it's Ruby on Snails. When I point to the fcgi  
>> dispatcher, it's nice and brisk until it seizes up and then I get  
>> 500s (represented by the "Typo Not Available" error...)
>> At the moment of writing, it seems to be running, although "ps ax"  
>> on the server shows 15 running dispatch.fcgi processes.
>> I'm running Typo from SVN (about 24 hours ago), and it's Ruby  1.8.2. 
>> The version of rails I'm not sure about.
>> Okay, now it's going slow as molasses and the server is showing 8  
>> running processes including one that's "defunct".
>> Any suggestions?
>> Mike
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