[typo] Another Frustrating Dreamhost/Rails/Typo experience

Scott Hughes (List) shughes_list at globalreset.org
Tue Sep 6 21:17:52 EDT 2005


After I forced my RAILS_ENV to 'production' in config/environment.rb  
and I downloaded the latest rails fcgi_handler.rb (and installed in  
my typo/lib folder), I noticed a drastic improvement and much fewer  
lockups.  They do still occur occasionally, but much less so than  
when I started using Typo.

I tried playing with a new rails app of my own today, and I had the  
most frustrating experience you can imagine with Dreamhost.  I  
couldn't keep the app running and it kept kicking me out of shell  
access.  If you check the forums, you'll see we are not alone.   
Apparently, Dreamhost is currently migrating all of their shared  
hosts to the latest debian, but I don't think it's running according  
to plan.  Lots of users are complaining of frequent mysql/shell/ftp/ 
web dropouts.

As an aside, I wonder if Typo is tested in such a harsh environment  
to see how well it handles it?  Could be that rails itself  
(ActiveRecord) doesn't play well with disappearing mysql servers  
(i.e. no chance to retry).

So, try those first two suggestions and, if they don't get you at  
least to a 'mostly' usable point, you'll have to wait until Dreamhost  
is done beating up our shared hosts...

Scott Hughes

On Sep 6, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Mike Purvis wrote:

> Greetings List,
> I'm new to Rails and Ruby, but a reasonably experienced PHP/MySQL  
> hacker. I seem to be have some problems similar to those discussed  
> here a few weeks ago.
> My Typo installation (http://mikepurvis.com) works when set to  
> dispatch.cgi, but it's Ruby on Snails. When I point to the fcgi  
> dispatcher, it's nice and brisk until it seizes up and then I get  
> 500s (represented by the "Typo Not Available" error...)
> At the moment of writing, it seems to be running, although "ps ax"  
> on the server shows 15 running dispatch.fcgi processes.
> I'm running Typo from SVN (about 24 hours ago), and it's Ruby  
> 1.8.2. The version of rails I'm not sure about.
> Okay, now it's going slow as molasses and the server is showing 8  
> running processes including one that's "defunct".
> Any suggestions?
> Mike
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