[typo] Problems migrating from 2.0.6 to svn current

Scott Laird scott at sigkill.org
Tue Sep 6 18:54:40 EDT 2005

On Sep 6, 2005, at 3:36 PM, Robert Simplicio wrote:

> I've had multiple problems bringing my Typo install current, so I  
> just deleted my entire typo directory and checked out of SVN again.  
> I made the changes necessary to my config/database.yml, public/ 
> dispatch.fcgi and public/dispatch.rb (I'm at TextDrive, so the Ruby  
> env paths were wrong). I ran rake migrate RAILS_ENV="production",  
> and that ran successfully. I confirmed all tables converted to  
> InnoDB, etc.
> The questions I have, are that
> 1. I do not see the new admin interface at /admin
> 2. When I attempted to create a new article, I got the following  
> error (from the admin panel, not a client): http:// 
> www.textsnippets.com/posts/show/166 (snippeted for your convenience)
> Please let me know what you think!

I suspect that you still have one or more 2.0.6 FastCGI processes  
still running.  Try hunting them down and killing them, and then you  
should be able to access the newer version of Typo.  The error that  
you logged really shouldn't appear from a recent Typo code base, and  
it would be one of the errors that I'd expect to see if you ran Typo  
2.0.6 (or even 2.5.5) against a database from the current version of  

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