[typo] Fixing category & tag feeds

Aitor Garcia Rey aitor.garcia at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 04:46:49 EDT 2005

Works great now Scott !.

Since the other blog engine (java-made roller weblogger) is skipping my 
source due to the ausence of the tag <pubDate> I'm comparing different feeds 
and revising the spec. I think Typo is creating *all* the required tags and 
is compliant with the spec and that this problem is a bug on the Rome 
(java-made) syndication library and on the Roller codebase because suppose 
the existence of these non-required tags and control its cache based on 
these points.

But, anyways, I think that typo is working _strictly_ right now on this 
subject. I'll keep revising this for the convenience (or not) of create 
these secondaries, non-required tags.

Thanks for your patch Scott.

Aitor Garcia
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