[typo] Planet Typo, anyone?

Kyle Heon kheon at comcast.net
Mon Oct 31 18:40:27 EST 2005

I like the first one best. It feels more open.

Kyle Heon
kheon at comcast.net

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On Oct 31, 2005, at 3:48 PM, Adam C. Greenfield wrote:
> In follow up to this thread I've picked up planettypo.com net and org. 
> I'd also offer to host the resulting sites (but if someone else ends 
> up hosting it, I can just hand the domain names off to them). I also 
> asked one of our guys to whip up a quick design for Planet Typo.

Here are the mockups M@ McCray just made up for the Planet Typo concept:

Feedback welcome :)

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