[typo] Planet Typo, anyone?

Justus Pendleton justus at ryoohki.net
Mon Oct 31 11:56:00 EST 2005

Victor Jalencas wrote:
> And as for the forums, we're having a similar discussion in the ror-es 
> mailing list. I think a mailing list is best usability-wise, and while I 
> agree that there's room for a forum, I think this kind of dilutes the 
> community. Let's all be under one roof while the community is small.

Anyone who has a pathological fear of mailing lists can use 
news.gmane.org or blog.gmane.org to read mailing lists in a more 
web-centric style.  All you have to do is submit the typo list info to 
the gmane admins.

I agree about diluting the community.  The few times I've seen projects 
attempt to have both a mailing list and a forum it has seemed that all 
the actual contributors ignore the forum.

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