[typo] Planet Typo, anyone?

gpshewan gpsnospam at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 05:48:45 EST 2005

Good idea Victor, any movement on this?  I've been thinking about a  
forum for discussion as people may be put off by Trac and the mailing  

On 28 Oct 2005, at 08:27, Victor Jalencas wrote:

> Hi,
>   let this message serve to come out of the lurking depths.
> With the recent memory leaks, theme contest and everything, I've found
> that I've had a hard time keeping up to date of everything I should be
> aware of. Isn't it high time that the community of typo developers  
> (and
> that includes from typo core to themes and plugins) is reunited under
> one of those planet-like sites were a single feed serves to keep you
> updated of everything? What do you say? How many people would be  
> interested?
> Cheers,
> Victor
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